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The ultimate guide for your juicer/ juicing equipment’s

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The current technology has allowed for easier and much more efficient ways of extracting juices from fruits. Juice extracting equipment is like most equipment needing proper handling during the purchase and running of the machine to get the best out of it. When it comes to owning juicers, several things need to be taken into account to get the best out of the equipment. Let’s take a look:

What to buy

Juicers come in a variety of different shapes, color, purpose, and prize that one needs to be extra careful when buying or ordering one online.  Other things that should be taken into account when purchasing a juicer is budget, the price tag of the equipment, security, quality, power rating since it involves other equipment, dimension (height, width, and length).  With all these brands out

How to transport

Due to their portable size, most manufacturers and retail stores where you can purchase a juicer have free or costly home delivery. By allowing the manufacturers to handle the shipping and delivery, you ensure the safety of your juicer is the responsibility of the manufacturers and therefore easier to get a warranty.

How to assemble

If you’re adamant about doing the installation yourself, then you need to be cautious about how you handle the whole process. Many manufacturers will not honor the terms on the warranty if your purchased unit is improperly installed.

It is best if you used a professional to get it all set up for you. If you are still insistent on doing all the installation on our own, then it’s best to watch a video tutorial on how to do it from YouTube or Amazon or to go through the manual’s explanation.

So, before you start with the assembly, there are four things you need to understand for the installation to be 100% success:

•    Centrifugal juicer assembly

•    Horizontal juice assembly

•    Vertical juicer assembly

•    Twin gear juicer assembly

Each one of these has its own merits that may end up being preferably based on the parts and information on the box. This is why it is essential always to store both online or offline to ensure you have the right device for your style.

How to use your juicer

The approach on how to use your juicer is quite the same as how to assemble; there are plenty of online video tutorials and even a manual of a step by step guide on how to proceed. The only difference is whether you are using an electrical juicer or a manual juicer.

For an electrical juicer, this is how to do it:

  • First, you start by deciding what fruit or vegetable you want to turn into juice.
  • Once you are done, wash your chosen fruit or vegetable to get rid of bad spots and for overall hygiene.
  •  Begin slicing your fruit or vegetable to isolate any stones or pits present. You can also get rid of stems before putting the contents in a bowl for the next step.
  •  Once you are sure you have a clean fruit or vegetable slices ready, connect your juicer to the power and switch it on.
  • Slowly feed you prepared fruit or vegetable produce into the device to extract its juice. You should take care not to rush the whole process to get the maximum juice out of your fruit or vegetable.
  •  Once you have extracted all you can, stir the solution before pouring it into your glass.
  • Dismantle the unit as shown in your video tutorial or manual to get rid of the pulp and proceed to rinse the juicer thoroughly according to what is recommended by the manufacturer.

For a manual juicer the procedure is as follows:

  • These are excellent for handling citrus fruits.
  •  Slice the fruit in half on your board after you have gotten rid of the external rind
  •  Using your dominant hand, position the fruit and on the part of the juicer that sticks out to you. Ensure the plump side is facing down.
  • Apply gentle but firm pressure while spinning it backward and forward to get all the extract of the fruit’s juices.
  • Separate the juices for all the remaining halves before pouring it all into a glass.
  • Dispose of the rinds and rinse the juicer as per the requirement from the manufacturers.


There are several things you need to take extra precaution when you get a juicer, and they include:

How to clean

Cleaning of the juicer is done regularly to get the best performance from it. Cleaning is done using water, baking soda, soft brush and scrubber, dry rice or salt, spatula, and a soft cloth.

  •  Just like all electric devices, you only start cleaning after you have unplugged the device from a power source.
  • Disassemble your juicer into several pieces as instructed in your manual or video tutorial.
  •  Get rid of any pulp you find and scrap the remaining with a spatula as gently as possible
  •  Rinse every disassembled piece under running water.
  •  With the soft brush start cleaning the remaining pieces.
  • You can use the baking soda or dry rice or salt with little water for the scrubbing.
  • Use a dish soap while soaking the pieces in a sink full of water.
  •  Brush with a soft cloth after washing while paying attention to the mesh strainer to ensure there is no residual pulp.
  • Finally, wipe everything with a soft dry cloth before allowing the pieces to dry
  • Reassemble the juicer, and you will be ready for the next use.

How to repair

It is best to get hold of professionals to do all the repairs on your juicer and if possible, use the warranty provided by your manufacturer in case your juicer breaks down.

Any attempts of doing the repairs yourself should be made after you have disconnected your juicer from a power source to minimize the chances of electrocution.

 Mistakes to avoid

  •  Not reading the manual. Ensure you have read and understood the manual as well as the terms and conditions for your warranty.
  • Unplugging after use, during cleaning or even when doing repairs.


Having juicer at home is an added advantage that allows you to prepare fresh juices that are relatively cheap and healthier compared to buying them outside. While purchasing and using a juicer having the right information on how to handle the whole process will ensure you enjoy the benefits of your juicer.


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