Best Stainless Steel Cutlery Set

Best Cutlery Set
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Most of our good memories will reflect when at the table sharing our meals. Considering that you want to make these memories fantastic, you need to invest in the best cutlery set. Also, since you’ll buy it just once in a while, you need in a while, you need to buy a “set” that you love and cherish.

The designs will vary from those of daily use to the luxurious cutlery. Whichever model you choose depends on your budget. Also, these kitchenwares come into the market with a wide range of options, making it hard to make a perfect choice. Considering this, we discuss a list of top 13 best stainless steel cutlery set in 2019. Here is also a buyer’s guide for first-time buyers.

Buyer’s Guide

Before you can decide to buy a particular cutlery set, there are a few things that you should consider looking out in that set.

These include;

• Material Used: Always lookout to ensure that the collection consists of stainless steel make-up. The content is resistant to stains, tough to resist breakage, durable, and does also increase the elegance in your table. It also features anti-bacterial properties that keep you off any bacterial infections. It also does help to improve table hygiene, and that is what makes it among the best options that you can consider.

• The set Quality: A stainless steel cutlery set will come in three qualities, that is, 18/0, 18/8, and 18/10. These rations show the percentage composition of chromium to Nickel in the alloy. For the last two, 18/8 and 18/10, there is no much difference that you can notice. 10% and 8% represents Nickel. Nickel is the element that prevents rust and gives the steel silvery-soft sheen. The 0% indicates that the alloy contains no Nickel, and therefore, the 18/0 isn’t a great option.

• Style and Design: There are two main designs for a cutlery set, that is, contemporary and classic designs. The early time traditional designs will include Bead, Rattail, and Dubarry made of the 18/ 10 ratio. The modern designs will consist of casual and modern-day patterns, meant for everyday use.

• Weight: You can choose between the medium weights, heavyweight, or extra weight cutlery sets. The medium-weight bends easily and suitable for daily use. You’ll find them used in schools, cafes, hospitals, among other institutions. The heavyweight used by the casual dine-in spaces and the mid-level eateries, are more durable, elegant, presentable and don’t bend easily. The extra heavyweight cutlery sets get used in the high-end fine dine-in restaurants. They are hard to bend, and that makes them durable.

• Cutlery Tray: The “set” should come with a tray that will help you keep the set organized. It also makes it easy to reach each item in the cutlery.

• Cleaning: For you to maintain the durability of the collection, you need to observe the cleaning procedures as the manufacturer directs. Therefore, consider making purchases from a seller who offers a cleaning guide.

• Children set: Always consider picking cutlery sets for your children. For children, the cutlery will feature favorite comic individuals and chunky handles. The cutlery is useful in teaching the kids about the basic table manners.
These are among the few features that you should consider when purchasing cutlery sets from the market. Now, which are the best stainless steel cutlery sets you can consider?

1. LIANYU 20-Piece Silverware Flatware Cutlery Set

LIANYU 20-Piece Silverware Flatware Cutlery Set, Stainless Steel UtensilsLIANYU is a kitchenware manufacturing company and has been in this market for a long time. They know what you need in your kitchen and therefore will give you exactly that. Among its best characteristics include;
• Materials used: the making features high-quality stainless steel, which is sturdy to prevent it from breaking. Also, it has no funny tastes, resistant to corrosion, making it last longer.
• Cleaning: the cutlery is easy to clean as it features smooth edges with no rough spots. That makes it easy to clean by hand and in dishwashers.
• Elegant Design: it features a shiny appearance that has clean lines, with no unnecessary frills which will easily fit in the existing flatware.
• It also features a variety making it perfect for all-day uses.

What it includes

The set will feature four knives, four tablespoons, four dinner forks, four salad forks, and four teaspoons.

My advice

The set is among the best that you’ll come across in the market. Also, being a product of LIANYU, the product is dependable and features high-quality performance.

2. Royal 40-Piece Silverware Set

Royal 40-Piece Silverware Set Stainless Steel UtensilsAnother set that you’ll find in the market and of high quality is this ROYAL 40-piece set. It comes along with several essential characteristics which include;

• The product features superior quality with an 18/10 ration. That makes it rust-resistant, therefore, serving you for years. The stainless steel is also hard to bend, making the cutlery more durable.

• Safe: The set is dishwasher safe, meaning that, it doesn’t lose the color, or rust making it perfect for everyday uses. Also, it has no sharp edges making it safe for both adults and children.

• The timeless design features a stylish look that makes its great option for casual meals and fancy dinner. The polish finish adds to the set a sense of a higher class.

What it includes

The set is a service for eight that is, 8-dinner forks, 8-tablespoons, 8- knives, 8-salad forks, and 8-teaspoons.

My recommendation

For the big size family, this is the best set. It’s also great as a gift to family friends and weddings.

3. AmazonBasics 65-piece cutlery set

AmazonBasics 65-Piece Stainless Steel Flatware Silverware SetIf you’re willing to switch from the old to modern cutlery set, this AmazonBasics product is right for you. It will feature a variety of characteristics including;

• It’s dishwasher safe. After rinsing the items, place it in the dishwasher, and it will be okay. That saves you time and increases convenience.

• Also made of the 18/10 stainless steel which offers it a long-lasting service. It also provides an eye-catching look. The set is rust and corrosion-resistant, making it a perfect choice for everyday use.

• It also features a round edge handle that increases the elegance of the style. Therefore, it suits all casual dining table sittings as well as the luxurious ones.

• It also comes with a one year warranty, which is an advantage to the user.


The set features 12-knives, 12-dinner spoons, 12-salad forks, 12-teaspoons, 12-dinner forks and five pieces of serving set.

My recommendation

The set is excellent for large families, and with the one year warranty, you can have the product within the period.

4. Oneida B336041A Mooncrest 45-piece

Oneida B336045A Mooncrest 45-Piece Flatware SetBeing a product of Oneida, the product features high-quality features which include;

• Made of the 18/10 stainless steel, making the set rust and corrosion-resistant. It also makes it tough to withstand breakage. That makes it durable.

• The Mooncrest design is sleek, simple, and unadorned. It features a highly reflective finish that makes it a perfect choice for the contemporary tables.

• It’s also dishwasher safe meaning that, it’ll not need any polishing.

What it includes

There are eight dinner knives, eight dinner forks, eight salad forks, eight soup spoons, and 8-teaspoons. It also features two serving spoons, a serving folk, sugar spoon, and a butter knife.

My Recommendation

The set is beautiful for a large family. However, note that it comes with a limited lifetime warranty for the original owner.

5. Cambridge Silversmiths 268320R Blossom Sand 20-piece set

Cambridge Silversmiths 268320R Blossom Sand 20-Piece Flatware Silverware SetCambridge silversmiths are among the best kitchenware manufactures. The cutlery will feature the following features;

• Made of stainless steel which is tough enough to withstand breakage and therefore increasing on its durability. The 18/10 ratio also makes it rust-resistant.

• The brushed finish makes the set the right choice for everyday use.

• It’s also dishwasher safe for several applications and therefore making it easy to care for and there minimizing on time-wasting.

What the set includes

The set will feature four items in each of the following; salad forks, teaspoon, butter knives, tablespoon and dinner forks.


Suitable for a small family and also comes with a 25-year warranty. That means you can comfortably buy the set with a guarantee of 25-years of happiness.

6. LenoPx ortola Stainless Steel 65-Piece

Lenox Portola Stainless Steel 65-piece Flatware SetLenox is yet another kitchenware manufacturing company that you can entirely depend on with cutlery sets. Lenox Portola will come with the following features;

• The stainless steel features the 18/10 ratio, making it tarnish, rust, and corrosion-resistant. The material is also tough enough to withstand breakage and therefore making it more durable.

• It’s also dishwasher safe, making its care easy to carry around and time-saving.

• It also features a combination of items that makes it suitable for everyday use.

What it includes

The set will feature 12 dinner forks, 12 dinner knives, 12 soup spoons, 12 salad forks, and 12 teaspoons. It also comes with one sugar spoon, one butter knife, one cold meat fork, one pieced tablespoon, and a tablespoon.


The set is suitable for a large family and family gathering events. However, the design suits both elegant and casual tables.

7. Flying Colors Laguiole Stainless Steel Flatware Set

Flying Colors Laguiole Stainless Steel Flatware Set. MultiColor Handle, Gift BoxFlying colors kitchenware is among the best that you can consider purchasing. The set will come with the following features;

• High-quality stainless steel featuring beautiful ABS plastic handles, making them excellent for use in your dining table.

• It’s also a perfect gift choice for family and friends and wedding gifts.

• It’s also easy to clean as it’s hand-polished, with smooth edges.

• Also, it has no sharp edges and therefore will not hurt the user in any way

• Also, it’s dishwasher safe making its care and handling simple,

What it includes

The set will consist of 6- 9″ traditional knives, six 8.5″ soup spoons and six 6″ Teaspoons and six 9″ M dinner forks.


The set is recommendable for a family of six. Its beautiful colors make the cutlery suitable for guests to increase the elegance in your home. Therefore, it’ll not be a waste of cash buying the set.

8. Woaiwo-q 20-Piece Stainless Steel

Woaiwo-q 20-Piece Stainless SteelAnother set that is unique and will serve your desires is this Woaiwo-q cutlery set. It will come with the following excellent features;

• The collection is perfect for use on any occasions and places, including restaurants, and at home.

• Also safe for all ages, adults, and children.

• The stainless steel used in the making is also sturdy, stylish, and durable. It’s resistant to heat and rust, making its maintenance easy. It also makes it safe for the environment.

• It’s dishwasher safe as it isn’t easy to scratch the color off

What it includes

The set will carry in it a set of four dinner knives, four dinner forks, four dinner spoons, four teaspoons, and four salad forks. These knives are suitable for meat cutting.


Customer reviews indicate a high sense of customer satisfaction, meaning that you can comfortably purchase the product. Also, consider buying it only for small families.

9. VICBAY 4- Piece cutlery set

VICBAY 4 Pieces Stainless Steel Flatware Set, Knife Fork Spoon Chopsticks Set, Travel Camping Cutlery Set with Neoprene Case, Reusable Lunch Box Utensils, Portable Travel Silverware SetVICBAY is a kitchen utensil manufacturing company. They pass all the FDA tests, and they aim at environmentally friendly manufacturing products. Some characteristics of their cutlery set will include;

• Features the 304 ASTM standard food travel utensils meaning that they are safe to your family.

• The stainless steel is durable and made of 18/10 ration that makes the cutlery rust-resistant.

• The set weighs 108grams making it easily portable for adults and children. It’s, therefore, a perfect choice trip and camping.

• It’s also dishwasher safe making its maintenance easy to carry out.

• It also comes with a comfortable size that can easily fit in your camping bag.

What it includes

The set will feature seven pieces, one 6.77″ fork, one 6.77″ spoon, one 6.97″ knife, one 7.28″ chopstick, 8.46″ brush and 8.46″ straws. The straws will be a bent straw and a straight straw.


The set is suitable for one person, and therefore, if you’re buying for family, you should consider purchasing a variety of collections.

10. Bruntmor CRUX Silverware Royal 45-Piece set

Bruntmor, CRUX Silverware Royal 45 Piece Flatware Cutlery SetThe Bruntmor set is among the brands that customers will always lookout to buy. The cutlery set will come with the following features;

• The package came with each item wrapped in a polybag and packed in the gift box.

• It also features a luxury mirror polish that will not dull but hold on its sheen. That makes it dishwasher safe and therefore, easy to do its care. Also, it requires no re-polishing.

• It also offers a timeless elegance design that makes its Design suitable for all formal events.

• The structure the 18/10 stainless steel making, and that makes it durable. It’s also 100% rust and corrosion-free. That also enhances on easy maintenance of the cutlery set.

• Also, it has smooth but non-sharp edges making it safe for both children and adult use.

What it includes

The set will feature eight dinner forks, eight teaspoons, eight knives, eight salad forks, and eight tablespoons. It also features the five serving pieces to increase user satisfaction.


The set is suitable for a big family and suits all events. Therefore, you can always consider it as a great option.

11. Artaste 59380 Rain 18/10 Stainless Steel Cutlery Set

Artaste 59380 Rain Stainless Steel FlatwareThe 36-piece set will come along with a variety of advantageous characteristics. Some of these will include;

• Its making features an 18/10 stainless steel alloy that is resistant to corrosion and rust. It also comes with extra thick handles. These make the set durable and last for a long time.

• It also features the rain pattern that makes it simple and increases its elegance. The reflective mirror finishing does also enhance its beauty.

• It’s dishwasher safe as it’s free of scratches. That makes its maintenance easy to carry out and make it time-saving.

What it includes

The set will consist of 12 dinner knives, 12 dinner forks, and 12 teaspoons.


The set will be suitable for a big family and other family events. Also, it’s ideal for luxurious tables as a result of its beauty.

12. J.A Henckels 22770-345 Premier Series

J.A. Henckels Premier Series Opus Piece Stainless Steel Flatware SetThe J.A Henckels is yet another brand that you can consider in the market. The set features many characteristics including;

• Manufactured of high quality 18/10 stainless steel alloy that is highly durable as it can resist breakage.

• It is also resistant to rust and corrosion, reducing the cost of re-polishing time and again.

• It also maintains its silver-like luster for an extended period

• It’s also dishwasher safe therefore making its maintenance simple to carry out,

• It also features a substantial size and weight making it portable, especially for camping.

• It also features a forged dinner knife that enhances cutting precision.

What it includes

The set consists of one eight pieces of each of dinner fork, soup spoon, salad fork, teaspoon, and knife. It also comes with a sugar spoon, butter knife, serving fork, serving spoon, and pierced serving spoon. That makes it a complete 45-piece cutlery set.


Consider the set if you’re a large family. Also, the Design will fit all events and is suitable for everyday use.

13. Ginkgo International Lafayette 42-Piece cutlery set

Ginkgo International Lafayette 42-Piece Stainless Steel Flatware Place SettingGinkgo International is among the best kitchenware manufacturing companies. Some characteristics of this cutlery set will include;

• The making feature 18/0 stainless steel. The steel is hard enough to withstand all breakages. Thus, it has long durability.

• It also features a hammered finish that will increase the elegance of the set. The rounded end do also enhance its beauty and attraction making it a perfect choice for high tables

• It’s also dishwasher safe. One should avoid keeping the items in the water for a long time. Otherwise, it’ll lead to spots

• However, the 18/0 ratio lowers its resistance to rust and corrosion, something that will affect the set’s durability.

What it includes

The set consists of eight salad forks, eight dinner forks, eight dinner knives, eight dinner spoons, and eight teaspoons. It does also feature two solid serving spoons.


I would recommend the set for a big family. It’s also suitable for a variety of various family events.

FAQ Section

Can stainless steel cutlery be recycled?

Yes, you can recycle stainless steel. The International Stainless Steel Forum notes that 80% to 90% of the stainless steel material can get recycled. Only a small portion of it will end up in the pit.

How do you remove stains from stainless steel cutlery?

For you to remove the stains, wash the cutlery in hot waters mixed with washing liquid. Dry the set with a non-abrasive cloth and remove the water spots. When dry, consider using natural cleaning solutions such as cider, lemon juice, vinegar, soda water, and olive oil to remove the stains.

How to Clean Stainless Steel Cutlery?

Use hot water mixed with mild detergents for cleaning, rinse carefully, and then drying the set before putting it in the tray. Always remove the food after each use.

Is stainless steel cutlery magnetic?

The stainless steel consists of austenitic steel, which isn’t magnetic, and therefore, most of the stainless steel will be non-magnetic.

Why is stainless steel sustainable?

Stainless steel isn’t harmful to people producing or those using it, and also it is good for recycling. That makes it the most suitable option.

How do you get scratches out of stainless steel cutlery?

Sprinkle some baking soda on the patch. Spray vinegar solution, and then use a scrubber to get the baking soda on the scratch. Then buff out using a soft cloth.

How do you clean stainless steel cutlery naturally?

For you to clean stainless steel naturally, consider using natural solutions such as vinegar, and lemon juices. You can also consider using Bicarbonate soda.

Is stainless steel cheap?

Stainless steel isn’t that cheap in comparison to aluminum. That’s so as it’s harder and lasts for an extended period.

What is the main advantage of using stainless steel instead of mild steel?

Stainless steel will not rust, corrode or even react as quickly as mild steel will do, and that what makes stainless steel a better option.

Is mild steel stronger than stainless steel? Is stainless steel better than mild steel?

Mild steel has increased strength and hardness that makes it more durable. However, the fact that stainless steel is resistant to rust makes it a better option than mild steel.

Differences between aluminum and stainless steel

The main difference is that aluminum has less strength in comparison to stainless steel. Stainless steel is also less reactive with food and even less corrosive in comparison to aluminum.

Final Verdict

Now that you know about the best stainless steel cutlery sets in the market, you have no reason to continue being stuck in making a decision. Consider choosing one from the above list, and you’ll not regret your choices. You should, however, look closely at what you need in the cutlery set before making the order. I hope you find it helpful in reading this article.



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